The Life Insurance Association of the Republic of China


As per the revision and promulgation of Commercial Association Law which went into effect on November 10, 1997, Taipei  Life Insurance Association had restuctured and further promoted to the national-level Association entitled as "The Life Insurance Association of  the Republic of   China (LIA-ROC)" on Novenber 16, 1998.

According to the 6th article of the Association's charter, its main mission is as follows :

(1)To investigate, research, propagate, collect and analyze the statistical data of
@ the industry.

(2)To deal with common interests in the industry.

(3)To mediate the disagreement between the  members.

(4)To mediate the conflicts between employees and employers of the industry.

(5)To research premium rates and related operation of the members.

(6)To maintain the legal rights of the members.

(7)To deal with and report to the authority regarding the violation behavior of  the members.

(8)To undertake projects requested by related organizations.

(9)To appeal and provide suggestions  to the authorities.

(10)To issue periodical publications and materials of the life insurance business.

(11)To propel the relative policies, laws and regulations, as well as   join public activities.

(12)To establish and register the necessary information of the members and their representatives.

(13)To perform the applicable business required by laws.


The General Conference consists of  the representatives of member companies. Directors  of the Board and supervisors which are elected by the representatives of members.
The Association has five divisions, namely the General Affairs division, Research & Consulting division, Education & Training division, Agent Examination & Registration division, and Actuarisl & Statistical division which manage the business of the Association. In order to perform various missions for the development of life insurance industry, under the Board of Directors, there exists the following  four committees:
(1)Life insurance Operation Development Committee(LIODC).
Mortality and Morbidity Research Committee.
Agent Examination and Registration Committee.
Agent Disciplinary Committee.

Life  Insurance Operation Development Committee

The Life Insurance Operation Development Committee(LIODC) is responsible for planning and providing suggestions for the common interests and topics related to the life insurance industry. According to the business areas and types of insurance, the committee set-up the following eighteen research subcommittees, namely.
Underwriting subcommittee.

Legal subcommittee.
Policy Conservation subcommittee.
Claim subcommittee.
Marketing subcommittee.
Accident Insurance subcommittee.
Group Insurance subcommittee.
Education & Training subcommittee.
Actuarial & Statistical subcommittee.
Financial & Accounting subcommittee.
Reinsurance subcommittee.
Information System subcommittee.
Medical subcommittee.
Investment subcommittee.
Annuity subcommittee.
Appeal service subcommittee.
Human Resource subcommittee.
Advertising subcommittee.

Mortality and Morbidity Research Committee

The mission of this committee is to make experience mortality and morbidity studies, and, if necessary, too construct the experience mortality and morbidity tables for the calculations of reserves and for the bases of rate making.   The annual standard ordinary experience mortality study is designed to evaluate and measure the mortality level for policy dividends.

Agent Examination and Registration Committee

According to the Management Regulations of Insurance Agents, the Association is appointed by the Ministry of Finance to handle the qualifying examinations, education, traning and registration management for life insurance agents.

Agent Disciplinary Committee

This committee is established according to Management Regulations of Insurance Agents and is responsible for the evaluation of agent's training, management and promotion system of life insurance companies and for reviewing the terminated and revocated registration of life insurance agents.

The Life Insurance Association of the Republic of China
5th floor, 152, Sung Chiang Road, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
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