1.The information provided by website       

   (1)Brochure for policyholders. (Chinese Version)

   (2)Life Insurance Newsletter. (Chinese Version)

2.monthly Publication

   Life Insurance Information Monthly.  (Chinese Version)

3.Quarterly Publications

   Life Insurance Quarterly. (Chinese Version)  (Chinese Version)

4.Monthly and Quarterly Reports

  (1)Life Insurance Business Statistics. (Chinese Version)

  (2)The statistics of life insurance agents examination. (Chinese Version)

5. Annual Fact Books

(1)The Life Insurance Industry 2005 in Taiwan(96.01.04)

 (2)Taiwan Individual Cancer Cost Experience Morbidity Report. (Chinese Version)

6. Other Publications

   (1)Life Insurance Casebook.(Chinese Version)

   (2)Insurance Law and The Related Regulations. (Chinese Version)

   (3)Study Materials for Agents Examinations. (Chinese Version)

   (4)Reading Cartoon, talking about Life Insurance.  (Chinese Version)

   (5)Buyer's Guide of Life Insurance.  (Chinese Version)